Where Does Your Green Waste Go?

Published 14 Mar 2016

If you have ever undertaken a DIY garden makeover or worked as a landscape gardener then you surely know the amount of waste that a garden revamp can generate. Piles of soil, bins full of foliage, tree limbs, rubble from paving stones, excess turf – all of it needs to be disposed of, unless you want an unseemly pile of stuff outside of the property, which no one is going to be happy about.

So where does it all go? Let’s trace the journey of your green waste from the job to its destination.

Green Bin or Skip Bin

Your local council (in Adelaide or elsewhere) should more than likely provide you with a green bin to put your yard’s organic waste matter into. However, most mid to large sized garden jobs in Adelaide or elsewhere are going to need a skip bin.  This is because they will generate more rubbish than you could ever fit in your green bin! This is the first destination for your green waste after the garden.


Unfortunately, a great deal of organic waste matter winds up in landfill. This may appear fine, as its biodegradable. But organic matter that is thrown in landfill rather than composted correctly will emit a great deal of methane as it breaks down. Methane is a greenhouse gas, which is known to contribute to atmospheric damage and global warming. The more green waste that goes to landfill the more we impact on our environment.


Some waste removal companies recycle their organic and green waste by manner of composting. Composting is the technique of encouraging these substances to decompose naturally. Chemicals that encourage plant growth and garden health are generated as a by-product of this process, and green waste can be successfully recycled into fertilizer, soil conditioner and mulch.  This is the ideal end result for green waste removal, as the rubbish is put to good use instead of being resigned to landfill where all it will do is sit there and produce methane.

a compost bin

Clean and Dirty Alternative Waste Treatment

Not all methods of treating green and organic waste are completely environmentally friendly. It’s a shame but sometimes the process can be sped up – with the end result being a lower quality of recycled matter. Cleaner waste treatment processing can take longer but the quality of the resulting material is much better for gardens and plants!

Our Approach

Oz Mini Bins are passionate about waste and the environment. We ensure that all the organic waste and green matter that we take away from the job site or your garden is disposed of, recycled and otherwise treated to get the best possible result. We try to avoid landfill wherever possible and instead look towards clean alternative waste treatment options. That is why we currently own and operate three waste treatment facilities, where we make sure that we recycle as much as possible.

If you’d like more information about our process then please feel free to visit our website. We’re more than happy to answer your enquiries.