The After Christmas Cleanup: Recycle Your Waste

Published 11 Dec 2015

The summer, and silly season, is nearly here. For some of us this means we’re about to get really busy, really quickly. And for most of us there are going to be a whole lot of functions. Office break ups, family gatherings, BBQ’s, picnics, parties and New Year’s Eve. Here at Oz Mini Bins we practically blink at the start of December and all of a sudden it’s late January!

messy wrapping paper under a Christmas tree

The amount of rubbish generated this time of year is also phenomenal – we’re usually eating, drinking and consuming more of everything when compared to any other month of the year. Christmas present wrapping, cans, bottles, containers – there’s likely to be all manner and matter of stuff to be disposed of! Short of hiring a skip bin, what are some ways that you can reduce the amount of waste that’s headed for Adelaide landfills over this summer?

Why Recycle?

First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of recycling. Landfill waste causes 5% of Australia’s carbon gas emissions – predominantly from methane generated by organic matter (including paper) as it breaks down naturally. Recycling where and when we can helps to reduce this, and we can achieve positive environmental action, one household or office at a time.

Christmas Wrapping

Wrapping paper is consumed by the kilo all over Adelaide and Australia over Christmas. Think about how you consume this stuff, and what you can do to reduce, reuse and recycle it. Some people like to carefully unwrap their presents to preserve the paper to be re-used for their own given gifts. Those with children will understand the difficulty presented with this option – it’s hard to keep the kids from tearing away the paper as soon as they get the present. If your wrapping paper cannot be re-used, then please ensure that it goes into the recycling bin.

‘Tis the Season

We understand that almost everyone likes to open a bottle, can, or even a few of each, and celebrate the end of the year. Offices parties, family events and of course New Year’s Eve see an incredible amount of waste generated by our drinking. Champagne and wine bottles, beer cans and mixers – all need to be disposed of. You can do your bit by making sure that they all go into your recycling bin or in the appropriate place if you’re out and about. You can politely encourage your friends to do the same too.

Teach Your Kids Too

Christmas is traditionally a time where families come together to eat and relax. Why not take this intimate occasion to teach your kids about the benefits of recycling. Explain, in terms they’ll understand, about climate change, greenhouse gases and how properly disposing of their waste can make a difference – you’ll be sowing the seeds of change in the next generation!