Terms and Conditions of Hire

To ensure safe and efficient service, protection of the environment, compliance with the law and safety of all concerned, the following terms and conditions apply. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the term:

  • ‘owner’ refers to OZ Mini Bins;
• ‘hirer’ refers to the person or entity who arranged for bin hire with the owner, or any person acting on their behalf;
• ‘driver’ means the person employed or engaged by the owner to make a delivery or collection of an OZ Mini Bin;
• ‘bin’, ‘skip’ and ‘OZ Mini Bin’ means a skip or other waste receptacle supplied by the owner;
• ‘service’ refers to the process of delivering, placing, preparing a loaded bin for transit, and removing a bin;
• ‘heavy materials’ refers to soil, bricks, concrete and masonry, ceramic tiles, roof tiles, rock, stones, clay and rubble.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The ‘hirer’ providing instruction or request to the owner’s employees or representatives, including placing an order via this website, is fully accepting of these terms and conditions and agrees to comply with these terms and conditions and any further instruction provided either written or verbal, by the owner’s employees or representatives.

Hire Period

The standard hire period is 1-5 days, meaning that the bin would be on-site over 4 nights. This means that if a Bin is delivered on Friday it will be picked up on the following Wednesday.  Where day 5 falls on a Sunday or Public Holiday collection will be as soon as practicable thereafter.

Extended hire is available at the hirer’s request before the due pickup date. Extended periods must be arranged through the owner’s office on 8326 1722 at least 24hrs prior to the originally scheduled collection.

Hire of an OZ Mini Bins for a period less than the standard hire is available. There is no reduction in the amount charged for the bin hire when a lesser hire period is arranged.


Placement of the bin is at the driver’s discretion. The bin is not to be moved once it has been placed in position. The owner will take all precautions and care in placing the bin and reserves the right to refuse to place a bin if the risk of damage to persons or property is apparent. The driver will not place a bin in a location that appears to be controlled by a statutory authority, unless written approval by the relevant Council or authority is provided prior to placement. The hirer must advise the owner of any pipe, cable, pit cover or underground or overhead services that may cause damage or injury, or be damaged whilst performing the service.

The hirer agrees to pay the owner at rates invoiced by the owner for any extra costs and fines incurred as a result of the owner or customer being ordered to remove the bin by a statutory or other authority.

Damage to Owner’s Property

The hirer agrees to compensate the owner for any loss or damage to the owner’s equipment or vehicle while at the hirer’s property or at any property as arranged by the hirer.

Damage to Hirer’s Property

The hirer agrees to indemnify the owner against any liability for damages caused to any driveway, pavement, path, kerbing or other surfaces as a result of placing the bin on property as instructed. The hirer agrees to pay any extra costs caused to the owner as a result of overloading or incorrect loading of the bin whilst in the hirer’s care.

Proper Use of an OZ Mini Bin

The hirer accepts full responsibility for the proper use of the bin, and indemnifies the owner against any injury or damage caused to any person arising out of the use of the bin; however such injury or damage occurred. The hirer agrees to use the bin only for the purposes of rubbish removal.

Filling / Loading

The hirer accepts full responsibility for the filling or loading of the OZ Mini Bin. The hirer agrees to fill the bin in accordance with restrictions on certain types of waste, as communicated either verbally or in writing, or as indicated on the bin itself. The hirer expressly agrees not to place hazardous, dangerous, explosive or toxic waste in the bin.

The hirer agrees not to load any bin higher than the top of the sides of the bin, and to load it in such a manner as to prevent spillage of material whether stationery or in transit and not to have waste objects protruding above or from any direction. All waste is to be confined within the bin’s capacity.

The owner reserves the right to charge an additional fee if the bin is not loaded correctly for transportation when the bin is to be collected.


The hirer agrees to make payment on or prior to the delivery date, either at the delivery location and time, to the owner’s office in person, or by other means. Where the owner has accepted payment by cheque, and that cheque is dishonoured, the hirer agrees to pay an administration fee equal to the bank charges incurred by the owner, plus 10% of the bin hire charge.

Cancellation and Refund

In the event that the hirer cancels their order for service, the owner agrees to refund 100% of the bin hire charge to the hirer, provided such cancellation is notified to the owners office at least 24hrs prior to the scheduled delivery. Late cancellations may attract an administration charge at the owners discretion.