Our Bins for Home, Businesses & Tradesmen

At OZ Mini Bins, we take the stress out of rubbish removal. We help you choose the bin you need, explain what you can and can’t dispose of, deliver the bin to you and arrange a time to collect it. All you need to do is fill it!


Bins for Home

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Our Bins at a Glance

We stock a large range of skip bins for all types and sizes of waste. If you’re looking for a bin for your home, business, or trades work, we have exactly what you want right here.

  • Home: Our home waste removal skips are ideal for even the biggest jobs around the home. If you’re renovating, having a clean-up, or just throwing away some old stuff, our handy bins are perfect. Choose Oz Mini Bins for residential waste removal.
  • Garden waste: Our skips can handle large amounts of vegetation, making disposal a lot easier and quicker. Whether you’re doing seasonal cleaning, landscaping or redesigning, a big bin makes things neat, clean, quick, and easy.
  • Businesses and commercial waste: Businesses that routinely generate a lot of waste will love our business and commercial bins. We can help you with your everyday waste as well as extra capacity for upgrades and re-designs. Our large walk-in bins are ideal for managing refuse efficiently, reducing handling and improving disposal times.
  • Trades: All that rubbish that accumulates on a worksite can be a real nuisance and disposing of it can be a problem, too. Our bins are ideal for any type or amount of waste. Take your pick of sizes and leave the disposal to us.
  • Need big bins? We also offer large skip bins for major works like new building, major renovations, and similar construction. These heavy duty bins are ideal for managing any kind of material.


Ask Us about Skips for Your Job

We can supply any kind of bin you need for your work, disposal or residential cleanup. You can book your skip with using our online form. For advice about skip choices, materials, or any other services you need, get in touch.