Recycling Waste and Skip Bins 

Like all environmentally responsible Australian businesses, Oz Mini Bins supports and encourages recycling. We have our own EPA licensed recycling facility and we offer a large range of skips for all types of recycling. With Oz Mini Bins, you can make recycling easy, efficient and affordable.

Recycling the Easy Way with Skip Bins 

Skip bins can be excellent recycling assets and they can save you a lot of time and effort. If you’re renovating, having a clean-up, or disposing of any significant amount of old household goods, a skip bin can do wonders.

Here is an easy way to use skip bins for recycling:

  1. Select a skip bin in the right size for your needs. (If you have access issues, a couple of smaller bins will usually cover all the areas where you’re working.)
  2. Position the skip in an easy to access place where it doesn’t obstruct movement around the site.
  3. Use your skip(s) as one-stop disposal points for all recyclable materials.

Oz Mini Bins provides a much more efficient way of managing large amounts of recyclables. Cut down on handling time and forget offsite removal. Simply load the bin and have our team pick it up to sort the recycling waste. This speeds up your work simply because you don’t have to travel with loads of materials.

Even if you have mixed waste, Oz Mini Bins can take care of the job. We’ll sort the waste for you, ensuring maximum recovery and recycling for relevant refuse.

Garden Waste 

If you’ve got a big garden or a local bush on your property, a skip bin is a perfect solution for green waste clean-ups. Just position your skip in the easiest to access position and use a wheelbarrow to move your materials. You can move and dispose of your green waste almost effortlessly.

Better still; you don’t have to try to figure out what to do with it or how to dispose of it. Just call us and grab a skip and we’ll take care of removal for you.

Call Us for Any Kind of Recycling 

We’re happy to help with all your recycling needs. To book a skip in Adelaide, find the right size online using our booking form. If you’d like to ask about skips, materials, or anything else, just get in touch. Our friendly experts will be glad to provide any guidance, assistance or advice you need.