Reasons to Open a Trade Account with Oz Mini Bins

Published 27 July 2016

One popular service with Oz Mini Bins is a trade account — we make an agreement with your company to provide you with regular service depending on your bin hire needs. This is common with industry and businesses that regularly needs mini bins in the Adelaide metro area. Our bins can handle brick, concrete, general rubbish, vegetation and dirt, and you can mix what you put in the bins.

Two men shaking hands with a field in the background

How It Works

When you open a trade account with Oz Mini Bins, we’ll ask you basic details about your business and help you determine what size bin you need. You’ll tell us how many times a month you need the bin, and where it’s going to go. We’ll start delivering bins at the agreed upon schedule, and you’ll be billed at the end of a month. You can renew your monthly service agreement, make any adjustments, or cancel at any time after the month.

Save Money

By opening a trade account, you’re eligible for special privileges. We can offer you payment options including direct debit, which saves you money on credit card fees. Additionally, depending on your needs, we may be able to offer you discounts on regular service or multiple bins. We offer competitive prices and no contract obligation. Call us today to find out how we can save you money with a 30 day trade account.

Guarantee Your Service

If you require multiple larger bins for your industry, such as construction or earthworks, opening a trade account means we’ll be able to set aside the specific bins you need and guarantee they’ll be at your worksite when you need them.

We can generally deliver bins directly into workshops with the required overhead clearance. We have bins for tradesmen ranging from 4 cubic metres to 10 cubic metres. If you require more bin space or weight, consider multiple bins. We do have weight requirements due to road safety regulations, so our trucks can transport materials and filled bins without any issues.

Save Time

By opening a trade account, you can have one payment process per month. We can renew your trade account each month, with no contract necessary. Openings a trade account saves you time because you don’t need to go through the process of ordering a new bin each week or however often you need it — we’ll show up as many times per month as we agree beforehand. This way, you can also have your financial officer deal with payment during their regular working hours rather than whoever is around when the bin is delivered.

Who Can Apply?

Licensed builders, tradesmen, and businesses can open a 30 day trade account with us. You can obtain an application by giving us a call, and we’ll need to know your company’s basic details including ABN.

Give us a call at 08 8326 1722 to apply for a trade account with Oz Mini Bins.