We all know about the dreaded Spring Clean. It probably started with your parents dragging the household together for a “family fun” day of cleaning! But you have to admit, the house always did look amazing afterwards.

 But why spring? In the past winters were harsh ordeals and with homes being heated with wood or coal, soot and ash would get all over the rugs and furniture. Once the dark winter was over, it was the first practical chance to get everything out into the sunlight and clean again.

 Our lifestyles have drastically changed since then, so it doesn’t really make sense to keep forcing ourselves through one huge overwhelming spring clean. As it turns out, splitting the load into multiple cleans throughout the seasons is not only more manageable – it has health and economic benefits. Here are three big clean outs that make a lot more sense.

Spring clean with adelaide skip bin

Big Clean 1: The Winter Clean

 Brace yourself, the cold weather is coming. Prevention is always better than cure and a good winter clean is the best time to build up your defences before the onslaught. Deep cleaning to disinfect the home will raise the quality of the air, and it’s a perfect time to get rid of that funky mould growing in the corner of the bathroom.

 Besides, cleaning in winter just makes more sense. Compared to spring, winter is dark, cold and miserable – so if you’re going to be stuck inside binge watching Netflix, you might as well make the most of it and tick off some cleaning tasks.


Big Clean 2: The Post-Chrissy/NY Pickup

 You’ve probably just eaten way too much food, done some damage to your wine collection, and if you’re parents – now got a whole bunch of toys strewn all over the floor.

 Once the food coma is over, the end of year period is an essential time to sort out and recycle last year’s toy collection to make room for the new arrivals. These are perfect targets for recycling, so it could be the perfect time to hire an Oz Mini Bin for a spot of recycling. This can also prepare you to focus your mental energies on that new year’s resolution of quitting all your vices, joining three gyms and learning a new language.


Big Clean 3: The Autumn Scrub

Practically speaking, an autumn scrub is a perfect time to put away your summer clothes and linens, and probably a good chance to consider another bin hire to dedicate to some goodwill recycling. It’s also a great time to give the windows a thorough scrub; allowing extra light and warmth into rooms.

It’s time to ditch the tyranny of the spring clean – splitting big cleans across the year not only makes the traditional spring clean less imposing, it makes practical sense for a more healthy, economic and cosy home!


Oz Mini bins have mini bins that are suitable for seasonal clear outs or any other residential waste removal needs you may have in the greater Adelaide area. Contact us today to find the perfect bin and put a spring in your step.