How To Free Yourself From Junk: A Guide in Letting Go

Published 18 Dec 2015

Do you need help in kicking the hoarding habit? The first step is admitting that you have a problem, and that it is making your life unmanageable. The second step is asking for help, and you’re reading this so fear not! Help is on the way.

If your office, or home, is unnecessarily cluttered with odds and ends, bits and bobs and just seem laden with stuff, then its likely time for intervention.

A cluttered Desk

But My Clutter Adds Character!

It surely may, but what impact is it having on you? Some studies suggest that clutter causes subconscious stress, which can bubble up and lead to conscious stress. A clean space often means a neat head too. And don’t worry; you can still keep your character in your home, office or desk without all of that superfluous stuff lying about.

Don’t Buy the Thing!

One way to avoid your space becoming overly cluttered and crowded is to simply not buy anything else – especially if you have a propensity for knick-knacks, avoid those junk shops! If you’re going travelling, put your souvenir budget towards meals or a nice night out instead. The more stuff that you are tempted to buy will mean the more space you need to actually put it somewhere. If you don’t buy the thing, you don’t have to put it on that shelf and remember it every year or so!

Spring Clean!

An annual clear out of the office or home can be great. Get everyone involved and see how much clutter you can be rid of. If you need a hand, we have a handy blog dedicated to clear out tips (insert Blog Post 2 link here). Simply hire a mini skip, get some friends and family on board and have a spring clean. Be ruthless too, that’s the only way you’ll be able to free yourself from the junk.

Paper Waste

This one is for those in the office. Think about how much paper clutter just lays about. Contracts, drafts, invoices, memos, notepads, the list goes on. Commercial waste can cause an office to have a cluttered, cramped and altogether untidy appearance. See if you can either reduce the amount of paper your business uses by switching to purely digital communications, or make sure to promptly and efficiently recycle all of your paper waste.

Tackle the Drawer

Not the drawer! Anything but the drawer!

Yes, the drawer.

You know that one where every loose bit of paper, invoice, pen, marker, drawing pin, paper clip, empty packet and CD sleeve goes. The dreaded drawer needs to be tackled. Open it up and start clearing it out. Be thorough and ruthless. If it’s not absolutely necessary, then get rid of it. You’ll feel better immediately, trust us! Once you’ve done the drawer, you’ll have the courage to withdraw from the rest of your habitually hoarded trash.