Five Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you moving house? Perhaps you’re downsizing due to having an empty nest, or on the other side of the coin – your family is growing too quickly and you’ll soon be packed to the rafters and just need more rooms. Or maybe you want to stay put, but are interested in using the equity in your property to invest elsewhere? Whatever your individual reasons, improving the value of your home prior to selling is a good idea.

Let’s take a look at five things you can do to tack some additional value onto your property – some are big, some are small but all will help to improve the final price that you will receive for your home.

a desk with a notepad saying “property value”

First Impressions Last

What is the first thing a potential buyer sees as they arrive to inspect your property? In many cases and for houses, in particular, it is the garden. An overgrown jungle with dry grass and rusting bicycles isn’t going to be very appealing for anyone. People like to imagine themselves living somewhere when they inspect a home and nobody wants to relax in a garden like that! So make sure that your garden is in shipshape condition. Mow your lawns, weed your flowerbeds, prune your shrubs and trees and tidy up any loose toys, debris and other stuff prior to opening for inspection, because first impressions really do last.

A Fresh Coat

While we’re on the topic of the outside, consider your paint job. Could it do with a touch-up? A fresh coat of paint on both the outside and inside of your home can really add towards improving its appearance and therefore its value.


It is often advised to keep your home as sparse as possible while you are trying to sell. You should avoid displaying things that make your home seem “lived in” – such as family portraits, trophies, knick-knacks and other such random stuff. Also, general clutter and junk is not too appealing and anyone either appraising the value of your home or checking it out for a possible purchase may be deterring if it feels crowded with your stuff. You could always hire a skip bin, ask your mates for some help and have a nice clear out. It will make the move after you’ve sold a bit easier too!

Repairs and Maintenance

Before getting ready to sell, have a poke around your property. Are there leaky taps, squeaky doors, rusty hinges, loose tiles, cracked walls and other little bits and pieces that could do with a touch-up? All of these minor damages and personality traits of your property are things that will be considered determining its value. Hire a handyman or head to the hardware store and iron out these kinks yourself.


This tip is designed for those with long-term plans. If you want to sell very soon then this will not be practical, but if you have some patience and are looking for a long term return on investment then a renovation or extension is the perfect way to add some value to your home. Extra rooms and features can really bump up the market price for your place, so it its practical and affordable, consider getting some work done!