OZ Mini Bins – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I choose OZ Mini Bins?

At OZ Mini Bins, we take the stress out of rubbish removal. We help you choose the bin you need, explain what you can and can’t dispose of, deliver the bin to you and arrange a time to collect it. All you need to do is fill it!

We care – We take the time to ensure that you get the right rubbish skip for your needs and within your budget. Our office team is dedicated to assisting you with all of your enquiries.

Service – We deliver and collect on weekdays and most Saturday mornings. Our web site is available 24/7 and you can reserve your OZ Mini Bin anytime via our website order form.

Reliability – We have built an enviable reputation for dependability: simply because we don’t make empty promises. Our trucks and skips are well maintained and our employees are selected and trained for their good character and ability to understand our customer’s needs.

Value – Most of our rubbish skips feature handy access doors for easier loading, and are designed to fit in regular driveways and gardens. This also means that you can stack your rubbish more efficiently and get the best value for your money. We also have very generous weight limits and have some skips that allow mixed waste: so that your precious time is not spent double handling!

Responsible – We care about the environment and the impacts of climate change. We take recycling seriously!

2. What can I put in the rubbish skip?

You can place anything in the bin EXCEPT materials prohibited by law or that pose a risk to safety and the environment (please see What CAN’T I put in my OZ Mini Bin?). Some items attract an additional charge due to their complex recycling process or the safety issues they present:

Car Tyres
Car tyres off the rim: additional charge of $14 each
Car tyres on the rim: additional charge of $21 each
• All tyres must be placed at the top of the loaded OZ Mini Bin
• We do not accept tyres larger than those designed for domestic cars.

There is an additional charge of $21 for each mattress (single bed and larger). These must be placed at the top of your load, being careful not to overload the bin (road laws prohibit us from transporting a load that is not fully contained within the bin). Please note that a fabric covered ensemble base also attracts the $20 fee.

3. What CAN’T I put in my OZ Mini Bin?

You must not place prohibited, regulated or hazardous items in the bin, such as:
• asbestos (unless specific bin is ordered for asbestos only)
• liquids
• car tyres (unless you have made prior arrangements to pay additional for these)
• batteries
• food waste
• sharps
• Offensive Materials (such as animal waste or soiled nappies)
• explosives and fireworks
• hazardous substances such as: oils and lubricants, paints and dyes, acids and alkalines, resins, adhesives, caustic substances, chlorines and similar chemicals.

4. What’s the deal with asbestos?

Asbestos is a dangerous product if not handled correctly, and may only be removed in accordance with current regulations and transported by persons with appropriate licences. You MUST NOT place asbestos in an OZ Mini Bin unless you have ordered a bin specifically for asbestos removal only. However householders may remove small amounts of asbestos and transport it to a licensed facility under certain circumstances. Please do not place your family or yourself at risk.

As we are responsible for the safety and health of our employees, asbestos illegally placed in OZ Mini Bins is a very serious issue. Our mini skips are numbered and tracked, so we can identify the source of asbestos. We charge a minimum fee of $500 if we discover asbestos in an OZ Mini Bin.

5. What about hazardous or toxic waste?

Local councils provide collection facilities for pesticides, herbicides and other toxic and hazardous household chemicals. Contact your local Council to find out where and when you can safely dispose of these substances.

6. What should I do with old tins of paint?

If the paint is dried and hard, you can put the tin in your OZ Mini Bin. However, if it is in liquid form, you could allow it to solidify before including it with your rubbish by leaving the lid off the paint can. If there is a lot of paint, try filling a cardboard box or other unwanted container with scrunched paper or kitty litter and tip the paint in to make it spread out and dry quicker. Once dry, it can be disposed of in your normal rubbish or in your OZ Mini Skip. There are many reasonably priced products now on the market to solidify old paint to make it environmentally safe.

7. Can I fill the rubbish skips with concrete or soil – is there a weight limit?

The 2 cubic metre skip can be filled to the rim with concrete and there is no weight limit for these bin sizes. Some limitations apply to larger bins so please ask us about your heavy materials such as concrete, bricks, soil and tiles. Larger bins have certain limits to ensure compliance with current road laws. As a guide, 4, 5, 6 and 9 cubic metre OZ Mini Bins can have a limit of 5 tonne (3 cubic metres of heavy materials: soil, bricks, concrete, bitumen and tiles).

8. Can I mix the load?

Yes, you can mix the rubbish in skips designated for mixed waste. We will sort the waste at our depot facility and recover as much waste as possible for recycling.

9. Where will the rubbish skip be placed?

OZ Mini Bin trucks and bins are especially modified to manage bin placement on driveways or lawns. We will do our best to maintain access for your car.

10. Will my driveway handle the weight of a loaded truck?

Please be aware that the OZ mini Bins trucks are heavy, and will be heavier when collecting full rubbish skips. If driveways are not well constructed or not built to handle heavy vehicles you should consider alternative placement. Driveways, especially those paved with bricks or pavers leading onto soft lawns and gardens are vulnerable to damage if the truck needs to be near to or cross over the edges. We cannot take any responsibility for driveway damage so please be careful when considering placement of your OZ Mini Bin.

11. Can you place the bin under my carport or in my garage?

We cannot risk damage to your property but we can often place rubbish skips at the front of your carport or over to one side to leave room for your car. If the bin is for a commercial or industrial property we can generally place it within a workshop with the appropriate roller door access and overhead clearance.

12. Will you place the mini skip on the verge or in the street?

We must place the rubbish skip on your property and not public land or land that does not belong to you – unless you have the appropriate council approval.

You will need a few days for council applications to be processed and this will often incur a fee. If you do gain council approval, our driver must sight the approval before leaving the bin on public land. You will be responsible for insuring the public risk if you have the skip placed outside of your property boundaries.

13. How much can I stack in the mini skip?

We are not allowed to transport an unsafe load – so your bin must be safely stacked to the upper rim, so that it can be tied down and tarped. The contents of the skip should not be able to move in transit and must not hang over the sides.

14. How can I estimate what size rubbish skip I need?

To estimate the size of mini skip you need, imagine your rubbish in a pile and then estimate its volume like this:

Length x Width x Height

= 1.8m x 1.6m x 1.3m

= approximately 3.7m

Choose a 4 cubic metre bin

Alternatively, you may be able to estimate your rubbish by trailer load:
Many customers like to use ‘trailer loads’ to estimate the size of bin. One 6’ x 4’ trailer (loaded within legal limits and compliant with road laws) is approximately equal to one cubic metre. So if you think you have 4 trailer loads, then you probably need a 4 cubic metre OZ Mini Bin.
If you are unsure, speak with us. We will help you select the right bin for your job.

15. What is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre is a standard unit of measurement. One cubic metre is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep.

16. How long can I have the rubbish skip for?

We can leave the bin with you over 5 nights or we can collect earlier if you wish. That is: we deliver on day 1 and collect on day 6 so that you have a genuine 4 full days in between. This is ideal for weekend clean-ups! As a family friendly workplace, we don’t collect on Sundays or Public Holidays so a bin delivered on a Monday or Tuesday receives an extra day free! Please see the delivery and collection table below.

Delivered on … Due for collection on …
Monday Monday
Tuesday Monday
Wednesday Tuesday
Thursday Wednesday
Friday Thursday
Saturday Friday

17. Can I have the rubbish skip collected earlier?

Yes. Please call 8326 1722 to arrange an earlier collection. Please understand that as a family friendly employer, we do not collect late on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays.

18. If I want the skip longer is there an additional charge?

There is NO additional charge for additional days. However if we cannot collect on the booked pick up date due to reasons that you control (e.g. locked gates, skip inaccessible or overfilled, skip not ready), there may additional charges.

19. Can we have an OZ Mini Bin delivered on a Saturday or Sunday?

As a family friendly employer, we try to minimise the amount of weekend and after-hours time our drivers work. For delivery on a Saturday, we recommend that you book by the Thursday before.

20. What is the earliest or latest that you can deliver or collect my rubbish skip?

Due to the high volume of bin orders and bin movements, we cannot guarantee an exact time for your bin to arrive or be picked up. But we can generally organise for an am or a pm delivery or pickup upon request.

21. Can I fix a time for delivery or collection?

The more flexibility we have in delivery and collection times, the lower our carbon footprint. That is because we have a better chance of matching your delivery with another collection nearby. However we do understand that sometimes you may need a tighter time frame to organise the rest of your day, so we may be able to provide you with more narrow ‘time window’ for delivery. Please call us on 8326 1722 to discuss your needs.

22. How do I order an OZ Mini Bin?

You can order now via our Order Form, or call 8326 1722 between 7.00am and 5pm on weekdays, or 8.00am – 4.00pm on Weekends.

23. How far ahead should I book my skip?

For deliveries on Monday to Thursday, we generally require notice of one working day to supply the bin at your preferred date and time. For Saturday delivery, please book a few days ahead so that we can supply you with the bin size best suited for your job.

In periods leading up to Christmas, Easter and long weekends, and during school holidays, you may need to book a few days extra in advance to ensure availability.

24. How do I pay for the bin?

You can pay by credit card when placing your order or we can collect payment by cash when your bin is delivered. Of course you may visit our offices where we accept cash, cheque, credit card, Eftpos or money order. (All Eftpos cards will incur a fee.)

Prefer internet Banking? Call 8326 1722 for details if you would like to pay via electronic transfer.

25. Can I have a trade account?

If you are a licensed builder, tradesman or registered business using our services regularly, you can apply for a 30 day trade account. Call or email us for an account application and to enquire about the special privileges for our construction trade customers.