Rubbish skip placement

OZ Mini Bins trucks and skips are designed for placement in residential and commercial driveways, on lawns or garden areas. The rubbish skips are unloaded squarely over the back of the truck so that the access doors (where applicable) face into your property.


Do you want your OZ Mini Bin placed on the footpath or road?

Ordinarily, the area between your water meter and the road is public land reserved for utilities, footpaths and other public purposes. Land outside your property boundary does not belong to you and therefore you need special permission to place items, including rubbish skips, upon that land.

Where your property layout or project demands that your rubbish skip is placed on the footpath, verge or road, or on a reserve or laneway, there are a number of things you must do:
  • contact your council and apply for a permit to place a bin on council or public land;
  • ensure that you have the required safety equipment to place around the rubbish skip if it is left overnight; and
  • provide a copy of the granted council approval to us prior to or on delivery.

You should allow a few days for council to consider your application, and in many cases you may be required to pay a permit fee to your council.

We can help direct you to the appropriate department of your council in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, so please discuss your requirements with us now on 8326 1722.